(5 Styles) Heavy Solid Sterling Silver Wedding Band Diamond Cut Patterned Ring Comfort Fit Unisex

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Product Description

So far, we have 5 styles/patterns for this kind of ring. They are all made of solid sterling silver, 5mm/7mm/8mm wide, and 1.8mm to 2mm thick, which makes it very strong for timeless everyday wearing. Centuries of experimentation have shown that sterling silver is likely one of the best precious metal to make jewelry.

These rings are unisex. They are able to be men’s rings, and it can also be women’s rings, such as wedding bands. 5mm wide rings are both great for women and men, at the same time as 8mm wide rings are better to be men’s rings. They are all great gifts for the one you in reality care about.

These rings feature very clear diamond cut patterns (engravings) in the center, like pyramids or arrows, all the way around seamlessly. The patterns are cut very clear but never hurt skin. And they are highly polished so they reflect the light like diamond does, which is very nice and brilliant.

There are two milgrain grooves, each is close to each side of the center pattern, together to make the ring much more ordinary.

And each ring comes with a very nice luxury jewelry box, which makes your gift much better.

Our exquisite collection is sure to have the perfect one to solidify the start of your life together.

This gorgeous band – timeless instyle, is the quintessential depiction of true love. It is available for purchase in a variety of different widths and tones – each of which offer ahost of advantageous properties – including the ability to resist; rust,tarnish and corrosion.

So as you step foot into the endless world of rings, discover the difference with our expert assistance and beef up at every stage of your journey.

Box Contains

High quality luxury ring box

(5 Styles, choose one of them) Heavy Solid Sterling Silver Wedding Band Diamond Cut Patterned Ring Comfort Fit Unisex

Solid sterling silver ring. (925 hallmark) Handmade the use of pure fine silver.
This unisex ring features a very clear carved arrow pattern in the center, all the way around, reflecting brilliant light. All highly polished, VERY SHINY!
Comfort fit – another way known as court shape where the ring is rounded on the inside giving it a luxurious feel.
Environmentally friendly manufacturing. Harmless material. Lead-Free and Nickle-Free! Made all by hand!
5mm wide, 1.8mm thick, solid, strong and top of the range for lifetime wearing. Great ring for both men and women! Presented in a top of the range elegant ring box. Great gift for men!